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 Hello, I'm Grady Poole my family has been in the Well Drilling Business since 1947.  We are really easy going and honest and we like working with our customers to make sure they are happy and satisfied with the work we do. We are Registered, Licensed, and Insured.


The old saying is "it's not nice to fool Mother Nature" We can't make it rain! However, we can keep your grass and plants nice and green. We offer a complete line of irrigation wells, irrigation pumps and irrigation systems, installed by one of our board certified lawn irrigation specialists. WATER, WHERE AND WHEN YOU WANT IT. Call today and ask for Grady or Ronnie 919-266-2185

        What to look for in a Well Drilling Company!    
When you need water well construction you need to look for someone with experience like Grady Poole Well Company, someone who is helpful, friendly, honest, and has courteous service, and the best possible price and guaranteed work.
Thank You for looking at our site, take a look around and if you need a quote or an estimate don't hesitate to call  919-266-2185 or stop by the office.

Have a Great Day, Grady Poole